Your Skincare in Your Hands

Aiconic Clinics is busy working on a revolutionary digital Dermatology service that puts you at the centre of the management of your skincare.

World-class Team of Dermatology Professionals

Our team is made up of many different dermatology professionals so that we can most appropriately meet your needs.

Why You Should Choose Aiconic Clinics

Choose from a range of Dermatology professionals

Make appointments on the Aiconic app whenever you choose

Monitor your condition as your treatment progress

Maintain your history and records in one place

Coming Soon – the Innovative Aiconic App!

The Aiconic App will put you at the centre of your Dermatology care.

More Information about AICONIC Clinics

How do we put you at the centre of your Skincare?

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AICONIC Clinics will provide you with a revolutionary app-based service that not only enables you to engage in Teleconsultation and Remote Consultation with our Dermatology Professionals but also to maintain a diary of your progress in treatment that will enable you to make better, informed decisions about your condition.  In the future, AICONIC Clinics will add Artificial Intelligence tools that will provide even more personalised care.

What qualifications do AICONIC Clinics professionals have?

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Our team is made up of the range of Dermatology professionals, including Nurse Practitioners, General Practitioners with Special Interests (GPSIs) and consultant Dermatologists.  You can choose who you would like to interact with, and, if needed, we can recommend the best professional to provide your care.

How does your app work?

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Initially our app will allow you to make appointments, select the appropriate professional for your consultation and enable you to have a Teleconsultation or Remote consultation.  You can choose to provide images of your condition ahead of our appointment.  Our professionals will review your images and provide you with the best recommendations for treatment.  You can choose to take further images as you progress through treatment and assess your improvements.  You can also choose to make follow on appointments.

What are the benefits of using your app?

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The app will become the centre of your Dermatology journey allowing you to keep your information in one place and easily track the progress you are making in the knowledge that professional assistance is only a few clicks away.  The way we provide our services will also result in significant cost savings for you.


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